"I was so happy and proud to own a dog like Blanka. Now I'm infinitely sad and angry at the same time.
Unfortunately, our beloved Blanka went over the rainbow bridge this morning. We were so hopeful yesterday that she would make it.
She was poisoned and I seriously wonder what there are actually sick people who do this to a defenseless animal. I am horrified by what is happening in this short time."

- Ramona Silke -

date of birth: June 19th, 2015
R.I.P.: June 8th, 2020



HD-1, vWd N/N, heart ultrasound - no signs of any heart disease (January 2020)



Open Class
Landes-Siegerschau Sachsen/DE 2019 (Armin Hoppe -DE) - Exc1, res-CAC